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  • PhD student at Johns Hopkins University
  • Associated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP)
  • SalvadoreƱo
  • Kansas State University Alumnus

About Me

I am a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University since fall 2019. I am affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing and work with professor Mark Dredze. My research interests are very broad, I have worked on multiple areas of computer science such as cyber security threat detection through social network analysis on twitter, information extraction for the automated creation of step-by-step instructions from the methodology contained in scientific publications, and anomaly detection using computer vision to autonomously detect defective insulators in electric poles from pictures captured by drones.

My current research is in the area of health care and machine learning. Specifically, I work in mental health detection using social network analysis techniques. Another aspect of machine learning research I am interested is demographic bias in machine learning models.

Future research will further develop social network analysis techniques in health care prediction. I am also interested in the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) problems that arise with the implementation and deployment of machine learningmodels and intelligent systems in the health care and other industries.

My Life's Timeline